When you see an eagle, you see a portion of genius; lift up your head!

William Blake

AquilanPress provides publication services for thought leaders in professional service. We focus on management, marketing, leadership and technology issues facing the professional service practice.  Whether architect, engineer, construction manager, attorney, physician, advertising agency, accountant, financial or management advisor, each has a compelling story that conveys the passion they have for their practice and their clients, and the creativity their expertise and experience affords.  We share that passion.

We bring expertise, experience, and support to aspiring authors who have ideas they want to share. We offer comprehensive services from at very competitive rates, saving you time and money, while ensuring your thoughts are published with care and support for your professional goals. If you are an author interested in publishing in print or electronically, as a book, monograph, or magazine article, contact us for assistance. If you are an editor who wants to help them succeed, contact us.

The word Aquilan is derived from the Latin for eagle-like. Our mission is to help your ideas reach new heights.



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